Renewable energy is a way to reduce the operating costs of a wide range of businesses, including Mining & Resources and Government Infrastructure businesses. 

OTOC Australia is one of the few contractors in Australia that has any genuine experience building a large-scale solar project, such as the Sandfire / Degrussa Mine project - the largest of it's kind in Australia. OTOC Australia believes there are many more opportunities to adopt renewable energy technologies on remote mine sites and other industries around Australia. 

We offer a range of flexible construction services for complete end to end construction, from design to installation. Having just one operator for all of these services means clients can save money and time by eliminating duplication of service delivery, miscommunication between suppliers and overlap of project management tasks amongst other things.

OTOC Australia is the leading construction contractor for building solar support infrastructure in Australia. Our range of knowledge and experience enable us to drive down the costs and the time investment of renewables projects while delivering a high quality product.

You can read about our Degrussa project from the link.