LTE 4G Networks

Our expert team of RF Engineers have the knowledge and experience to design RF solutions for challenging sites with consideration to all existing facilities and infrastructure limitations.

OTOC Technologies designs RF solutions to suit the needs of each individual site, providing optimum planned RF coverage performance and accommodating the uniqueness of each installation.

Examples of design types include equipment configurations, RF schematic diagrams and antenna/feeder type and head frame antenna system configuration for position, tilt and orientations.

Our engineers also have the knowledge, experience and tools necessary to perform drive testing and optimisation of deployed networks to validate designs.

The key benefits of LTE networks are improved reliability and resiliency for production and safety critical services. LTE networks operate on an interference free licenced frequency and provide wireless coverage of all operational areas.

Our LTE solutions provide a consolidated network platform to support all current systems simultaneously – typically supported by a less efficient process deploying multiple wireless networks and differing technologies. This means a reduction in infrastructure requirement:

  • Few LTE communications trailers compared to many WIFI communications trailers (greater than order of magnitude).
  • All LTE infrastructure located outside of blast zones – no need to move trailers.

OTOC Technologies' RF Design services include:

  • Detailed RF Planning (above ground and below ground)
  • Spectrum acquisition
  • For Construction Drawings
  • As Built Drawings
  • Services Search
  • Construction Brief / Scope of Works